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Voodoo Healers history

Voodoo Healers

The history of the group really does not begin until 2003 - the year when the name Voodoo Healers finally falls in place. This name will accompany the band all the way up to today and beyond.

"Fast" Chris Healer, founder and author of the group, worked from the 90's through early 2000 to create a stable band, but despite his efforts was unable to for various reasons. Problems in particular exist for Voodoo Healers early on but nothing could stop the course of group, although it slows them down a bit.

The first rehearsals were like small parties where the band played songs from beloved groups such as The Stooges, MC5, The Ramones, The Clash, but also included original songs by "Fast" Chris Healer.

In 2006 finally, the first release was a fact! The title of the album was "Living In A Dogville" and included 11 tracks all written by the band. The end of this same year, the group was renewed by adding some new players and continued the hard work arranging in October 2007 their first small tour outside Greece.

From this point up to today, Voodoo Healers achieve 2 - 3 tours each year - adding each time new places and more cities / countries to their schedulle.

In 2008 the band toured twice. During their October tour, their concert in the CK13 in Novi Sad, Serbia was recorded and the group leaves a most excellent impression to the crowd for their full energy live appearances.

In 2009, Voodoo Healers also had concerts in Greece along with their established appearances outside their borders. During this same time, the group begins preparation for new studio recordings.

The band participated with the song “Sometimes” in a collection for Making Believe Records from Udine of Italy. In March 2010, the band had concerts in Serbia, Hungary and Croatia. At this same time, Voodoo Healers accept an invitation to participate in Tribute to Sky Sunlight Saxon - a compilation in memory of the big musician and composer with the song “Out Of The Question”.

October 2010 the band succeeds in perhaps the biggest tour that has ever been made by a rock “n” roll group from Greece. 20 days on the road, 17 concerts, 6 countries! March 2011 brought another tour with concerts in Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. Band’s new album entitled “DAWN OF A DAY” will be ready in September while a new tour for October is already in the pipeline. VOODOO HEALERS will be on the road again for gigs in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary doing a kind of overstepping for the Greek music status.


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Voodoo Healers history

The history of the group, really, does not begin until 2003 (the year when the name Voodoo Healers finally falls in place). This name will accompany the band all the way up to today and beyond. "Fast" Chris Healer, founder and author of the group, worked from the 90's...

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