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Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

Sep 1

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Voodoo Healers Autumn Tour Suppose To Start Late September Or Early October And Finish On 15th Of November, Unfortunelly The Length Of This Upcoming Tour Will Be Shorter And Its Not The Bands Liability.

The Band Postponed Few Of The Confirmed Shows For The Spring Tour In April-May 2015 And Working On Booking For The Last Few Dates That Left Open.

The Tour Will Start On The 3rd Week Of October And Finish On 15th Of November As It Was Planned.

Soon All the Details With The Route And The Venues.

Also Real Soon The News About The Upcoming Voodoo Healers New Album. The Label, The Official Release Date, The Title Of The Album And A List With The Tracks.

The Band Is Working Also On Two Video Clips Based On Tracks From The New Album, Editing Procedure Is On The Way.

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"In Our Hearts And In Our Souls
We Sing Our Punk Rock Rebel Song
From Our Guts Straight To The World
We Sing Our Punk Rock Rebel Song"

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Re: Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

Music is also a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in a way that people like or find interest. Due to some reason band postpone some shows essaybulldogs which are really bad thing but band maintains the proper timetable for a future tour. Well, I am waiting for this band show so excitedly.

By Tristan K. Albers on   4/18/2017 7:59 AM

Re: Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

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Re: Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

Thank you a lot! It’s really helpful

By pexe jurer on   9/22/2018 11:16 AM

Re: Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

By dvgdsfsd on   10/8/2018 1:51 PM

Re: Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

By sdasd on   10/20/2018 6:26 PM

Re: Info about the upcoming September-October-November 2014 tour

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