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Dawn of a day

Living in dogville

Voodoo Healers - Dawn of a day Voodoo Healers - Living in a dogville
Label: Juiccy Pussy Records
Format: CD, Album
Release year: 2011
Label: Juiccy Pussy Records
Format: CD, Album
Release year: 2006

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Voodoo healers - Song for the brothers

Tour videos

Voodoo Healers - Sometimes (Recorded live, Hamburg)

Voodoo Healers history

The history of the group, really, does not begin until 2003 (the year when the name Voodoo Healers finally falls in place). This name will accompany the band all the way up to today and beyond. "Fast" Chris Healer, founder and author of the group, worked from the 90's...

Punk Rock Rebel Song


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